maanantai 19. tammikuuta 2009

Phimenes sp.

An insect cocoon is the architecture of metamorphosis. Insects are the very masters of the dramatic change of roles and performing with the environment. The Taipei Performance Arts Center “Phimenes sp.” is made by insects and it performs with the elements of nature. This is not ecological architecture – this construction is part of nature.

The Performance Arts Center is following the construction method of Taiwanese Phimenes sp. -bees that have learned to mix cement with mud in order to construct their collective cocoons in ruined buildings. The C-Laboratory research group documented the process in Sanjhih North-Taiwan in 2007-2008. The resulting insect-made “weak concrete” is flexible and adapts to the changing natural conditions. It has born from nature and it is housing nature.

In the Performance Arts Center the humans are scaled to the size of the insects and the Phimenes sp. Cocoon acts as a mediator between the modern man and nature.

The industrial Taipei is now ready for the third generation metamorphosis, where as in a ruin the man made has become part of nature. Art is the sensitive core of society to view the future. We view the proposed Phimenes sp. Performance Arts Centre as an international stage to discuss the social drama of the human performance with the global environment.

Phimenes sp. - this is where dreams take place. This is the dream of Taipei – an architectural manifestation of the collective subconscious of the city. The national narrative of Taiwan is moving towards nature. The cocoon is an important part of this metamorphosis.

The spaces are archaic and pure – sacral. This architecture is not industrial nor modern, this is old; older than man; insect-old.

Bug Dome, Marco Casagrande. Sanjhih, Taiwan, 2008.

Marco Casagrande
Frank Chen

tiistai 18. marraskuuta 2008